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Private Motorcycle Lesson For Onsite Licensing

  • Class Code: PRIVATE-4134
  • Registration Begins: 3/1/2021
  • Price: $199.00

Special Notes

For EXPERIENCED riders, you can qualify to participate in our ONSITE Licensing Program with us after this� 2 Hour Private Lesson.� Come use our 250cc motorcycle at our training location and then be eligible to� return on a separate Wednesday Morning at our Damen Ave Training Location to officially take your M-Class Test.�
You must have an M - Class Permit and be a seasoned rider already!

About the Class

Already a seasoned and experienced Motorcycle rider that needs an M Class License? Take a 2-hour private lesson and be eligible to participate in Onsite Licensing! Motorcycle experience and M-Class Permit Required.

For EXPERIENCED riders (non-graduates)   Qualify to participate in our ONSITE Licensing program after a minimum of 2 hours of private lessons.  Utilize our 250cc motorcycle and be eligible to test On-Site with us on a Wednesday Morning for an additional $45.    2 hour private lessons for test preparation are scheduled M-Sat.  
Our instructor will coach you through the Illinois Motorcycle Test for up to 2 hours on our 250cc motorcycles.

Location: Our Damen Training Site - 118 S Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60612

Polish / Spanish and Russian speaking available.

Let's get you licensed this season!


You Must Have Your Motorcycle Learners Permit Before Attending This Class

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