Ride Chicago Motorcycle Riding School

Stop Talking, Start Riding! Chicago Motorcyle Riding School and Chicago Motorcycle Lessons

Whether you're new to the world of cycles or an experienced rider looking to enhance your skills, Ride Chicago motorcycle and scooter riding school offers instruction designed to suit your needs.

90% Success Rate

Over 10,000 riders have obtained their Illinois motorcycle riding licenses through us. We also offer Automobile, Scooter training, and Scooter rentals!


All graduates are offered the opportunity to test on our bikes at the Elston DMV. We have bikes and scooters available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for graduates to test on.

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Classes for all levels.

We offer both basic and experienced classes to suit students of all skill levels. Private lessons are also available for those seeking one-on-one instruction. Our State-Certified Instructors work to ensure Maximum Seat Time!

Taking the Class