June Test days: 16th, 23/24/25/30th!

Scooter Class

  • Class Code: SJUNE17-17-C-PM
  • Registration Begins: 5/29/2021
  • Price: $175.00

Riding (Damen Riding Site)

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  • Thu, 6/17/2021 - 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM

About the Class

Scooters are a cool, fun and economical source of transportation. Get moving safely and prepare to obtain your license with our Ride Chicago Scooter Class!

With our single session, hands-on Scooter Class you'll be able to learn how to ride a Scooter and how to pass your Illinois M-Class Test!

We provide Scooters as well as a sanitized full-face helmet and gloves. Due to COVID-19, students are highly encouraged to bring their own full-face helmet.  

Once you successfully complete this course, you are eligible to participate in an On-Site Licensing Day on a separate Wednesday and use our Scooter to take your M-Class Test!

M-Class Permit is required to take this course.