Ride Chicago: Motorcycle Riding and Driving School

Pricing information from Ride Chicago motorcycle training

Winter Storage 2021 - $10000

Gift Certificate

Basic Motorcycle Licensing Class - $95 - $500

Intermediate Motorcycle Training

Private Motorcycle Lessons - $4.5

Scooter Training - $1 - $175

On-Site Licensing @ Damen - $40 - $10000

Off-Site Licensing @ Elston

On-site Licensing @ Bridgeview

Private Motorcycle lesson and Onsite Licensing @ Damen

Earlybird Motorcycle Classroom Only - $95

Refresher Motorcycle Class - $95

One Day Scooter Rental

* price varies seasonally , private instruction is based on an hourly rate.


The $95 course reservation fee is non-refundable. All cancellations must be made by email at least seven (7) days before the beginning of the session. Individuals who do not cancel prior to the seven-day period will be charged the balance of tuition. Students who wish to transfer sessions can have their deposit applied to another class provided they make arrangements at least seven days before the session they are registered for begins.


Attendance at all classes is Mandatory to complete the course. All sessions begin promptly; being late will result in disqualification from the class. Students who are aware of a conflict can make arrangements to attend a different session by contacting Ride Chicago in advance.


In the interest of safety, Ride Chicago reserves the right to remove anyone who presents a hazard to themselves or others.


Ride Chicago reserves the right to reschedule classes as necessary in response to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Students will be advised of any class postponements.

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