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Scooter - $150-$175

Scooters are a cool and fun economical source of transportation. Get moving safely and obtain your license with proper Chicago scooter class.

Scooters Provided!  Already own one? Bring it to class with prior authorization!
Yes! You legally need an endorsement on your license to ride a scooter (of any cc's) on the streets! Get your M license with our Ride Chicago Scooter lessons.  We teach you to get the most out of your two wheeled machine!  Schedule 

What you will learn:

  • Controls
  • Starting/ Stopping / Parking
  • Turning / Lane Changes
  • U Turns
  • State Skills Practice

Test to get your " M " license any Wednesday after completion!  $40
An M Scooter license will entitle you to ride a scooter of any size cc's.
Required- Permit, long pants, long sleeve shirt!

How to take a class:
1.  Get a permit - (M motorcycle permit)
2.  Learn with us and graduate ( one riding session, no classroom)
3.  Test at our site if you would like Wednesday mornings - $40
4.  Take your passing test results into the DMV to get your new endorsement printed on your license.    OR
5.  Take your own Scooter to the DMV and test onsite with them.  (same test)
6. - Happy Legal Scooting

Want more practice before hitting the streets?  After completing your scooter class you can join the second day of any scheduled Basic Licensing Class for only 95$

Class L License: Motor driven vehicles with engines of 149cc's or LESS
Class M License: Motor driven vehicles with engines of 150cc's or GREATER
At ride Chicago you can take your license test on a 150cc scooter which enables you to acquire an " M " endorsement allowing you to ride scooters of any size regardless of the size you intend to buy!  Great for future upgrades.

Location:   Damen training site  (118 S Damen)
Classroom: Done onsite
Times: one 4-5 hour session
Requirements: "M" permit and appropriate riding clothing.
*Please bring a photocopy of your Permit  and license for us to keep*
Happy Scooting!

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